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What is a privacy policy?

Legal Document

Privacy policy tells the data you collect about users.

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Privacy Policy

Organization Details

Contact details of our business
‣Google Inc.‣‣United States‣‣+1-000-000-0000

Personal Data

Personal data of users we collect
Uses your personal data for providing the service
Info collected about you∙Email∙First Name∙Last Name
Reasons for collecting∙Identifying users∙Provision of requested service
Store your personal data on our servers
Collect your personal data during use
Info collected about you∙Your Internet browser∙IP address of the requesting computer∙Together with the date∙Time∙Your search result∙Time of search result
Reasons∙Analyze usage of each user∙Analyze search trends∙Curate topics of interest for each user
Collects personal information of children under the age of 13
Data removed upon request
Removed within 24 hours
Removal method∙Removed automatically from the database

Third Party

Third party apps and services we currently use
For sharing personal data
Third party services∙Seer Analytics
Data shared∙Subscription count for each user (anonymized)
Reasons∙Predicting the subscription score for each service
Obtain data via third party
Category of data obtained∙Social Information
Uses tools for managing your personal data
Uses payment gateway
Uses in app chat


Security we use to guard your personal data
Encrypt your data
Encryption algorithm∙AES256
Notify in case there is a breach in data

User Rights

Any user can request for
Data without any charges anytime
Correcting their data
Erasing their data from our service
Opt out of collecting usage data
Restrict the processing of their data
Object the processing of their data
Lodge a complaint with supervisor authority

Data Protection Authority

Data protection authority you can contact to
‣Federal Trade Commission
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Keep your privacy policy fresh with any legal changes

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